A map of Amestris.

Amestris is the country that the Fullmetal Alchemist series takes place in. The country itself is made up of five segments, the North Area, South Area, East Area, West Area, and Central Area. Each of these areas is made up of people with vastly different backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures, which is why they are all divided. Amestris is a Unitary state and run by a Parliamentary type of government, the headquarters of which is located in the Central Area in Central City at the military headquarters known as Central Command. The head of the country is the commander-in-chief of the military, and reigns under the name of "Führer".

[edit] Geography

The geography of Amestris spans from the vast desert of Ishval and the East to bustling city life of Central City and the cold climate of the Briggs mountain range in the far north. The climate is also extensive, as it ranges from the warm climate in the south, to the extremely hot climate of the east, and to the frigid temperatures of the north. Amestris is completely bordered by other countries such as Creta, Drachma, Aerugo, and the desert leading to Xing, and for this reason is completely landlocked with no ocean.

The center of activity in each segment of Amestris is a city of the same name as the segment (Central City is the main hub for Central Area, East City in the East Area, etc.

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