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This is an episode Guide for Fullmetal Alchemist.

[edit] Episodes

No. Title Summary
1 Those Who Challenge the Sun The Series starts out with a Flashback of the Elric Brothers, Al and Ed, attempting to perform a human transmutation in hopes of bringing back their late mother. In the present, they are found wondering through a desert, to Liore in search of the fabled Philosopher's Stone. They arrive and meet a girl named Rose Thomas, and an over zealous religious leader named, Father Cornello. Father Cornello wielded a powerful stone which seemed to be what they came for.
2 Body of the Sanctioned Edward and Alphonse warn Rose that attempting to revive her dead boyfriend won't end well. Father Cornello, attacks them and has the citizens to capture the brothers. Edward is captured whilst Alphonse escapses and goes to save Rose from a Chimera. As Cornello tells the captured Edward his plan for world domination, Alphonse broadcasts it to the whole of the city. Edward defeats Cornello, and finds that the Stone he was using was a fake.
NOTE: The story cuts off into a flash back that won't end until episode 9.
3 Mother... The story flashes back to when Edward and Alphonse were little and learning to work with alchemy. Their father abandon them and their mother, Trisha when Alphonse was too young to remember. Their mother encourages their interest in alchemy, but dies of a sudden illness. They vow to revive her using alchemy. During their attempt at Human Transmutation the alchemical reaction rebounds and ends up nearly killing Alphonse. His entire body was consumed as payment, and Edward looses an arm. Ed quickly binds Alphonse's soul to a suit of armor, and looses a leg as the payment - all in accordance with the law of Equivalent Exchange. Al carries Ed to Winry where she attaches Automail in place of his old limbs.
4 A Forger's Love Edward and Alphonse make their way to Central City to become state alchemists, and while waiting at the train station they hear of an alchemist named, Mahjal being in the area. They remember seeing his name come up in several of their father's correspondences relating to Human Transmutation. They decide to pay him a visit, and when they make it to his village they run into a girl who claims that a zombie is running amok killing people in the village including her older sister. She begs them to help her attain revenge, but Edward is skeptical of the claim. They meet with Mahjal, and he tells the brothers he believes the zombie to be his former lover, Karin. They investigate into the claim, and find out that Mahjal had been trying to revive her by using mannequins that look like her, and using alchemy to attach the souls of the girls in the village to them.
5 Man with the Mechanical Arm A group of terrorists led by a man named, Bald, hijacks the train in an effort to force general Haruko to release their leader. Edward and Alphonse fight back, and team up with Major Maes Hughes who helps them defeat Bald and his gang. Due to their efforts on the train, Haruko gives Edward permission take the state alchemist test.
6 The Alchemy Exam Edward and Alphonse begin preparing for the alchemy exam to become state alchemists. The stay with the "Sewing-Life Alchemist", Shou Tucker, who is credited with for creating intelligent chimeras. They became friends with his young daughter, Nina, and her dog Alexander. Hughes and his wife, throw a surprise birthday party for Ed, and interrupt his chance to cram. Mustang forces Alphonse to drop out of the test due to his absence of a body - worried that it would raise suspicion if the higher ups found out. Ed saves the judges and passes the test with his ability to use alchemy without a transmutation circle.
7 Night of the Chimera Cry Edward becomes a state alchemist. Mustang gives Edward his silver pocket watch - symbol of the state alchemist. Edward begins to investigate into the talking chimera that Tucker created two years prior, but Tucker is unwilling to respond to his questions. Ed visits the library in hopes of find something, but is denied access. On his way out he encounters a man with a cross shaped scar on his face, and a tattoo on his right arm. Brigadier General Basque finds out about Ed's inquires into the work of Tucker and order him to cease and desist in his investigations. He's forced to move out of his mansion, but Ed's not one to take orders so he decides to break back in, and go down into Tucker's lab. They find another speaking chimera in the basement. They are horrified to learn that Tucker used his own daughter and dog to create this creature. Ed nearly beats the man to death, but is stopped by the chimera, Tucker flees.
8 The Philosopher's Stone Edward is ordered to organize Tucker's work and considers deserting to track down the killer. Alphonse finds a reference to the Philosopher's Stone in one of Tucker's papers, and Ed is excited that one might exist. Winry decides to visit the boys and arrives in Central, but is kidnapped by a serial killer, Barry the Chopper who disguises himself as a woman. Edward is captured and his automail arm removed when he tries to save Winry. Forced to fight for his life, Ed nearly kills the Chopper, but Alphonse jumps in at the last minute and stops him, and Barry is arrested. The brothers decide to go searching for the Philosopher's Stone together, and Mustang later allows it.
9 Be thou for the People Edward as a state alchemist receives an assignment to inspect the coal mines of Youswell. The towns people refuse to let him stay at the local inn because he's a stat alchemist. Lieutenant Yoki, the military commander in charge of the area, comes to collect taxes from the inn, though a riot erupts. Yoki almost kills Kyle, the son of the innkeeper, but Ed steps in and stops him before he goes too far. Yoki invites Edward to his mansion, after noticing that he's a state alchemist. The inn is destroyed by nightfall, in which Alphonse saves Kyle from under the rubble. Ed transmutes some gold coins into bars and lays them over coal, and tricks Yoki into selling the mine. He sells the mine back to the towns people for one night's stay at the newly rebuilt inn.
The story continues from episode 2.
10 The Phantom Thief Edward and Alphonse expose Cornello as a fraud, and head back to report to Mustang about the incident. On their way they stop in Aquroya and get caught up in a manhunt for a talented cat burglar named, Psiren. She uses her skills as an alchemist to fool the local police. She tricks the brother's three time into believing that she's actually doing some good for the city. Edward realizes that she's a draw for tourism in the sinking city of Aquroya, and decides to leave her at large.
11 The Other Brothers Elric (Part 1) Edward and Alphonse arrive in Xenotime to look for the philosopher's stone. While there they save a young girl, Elisa, from a fallen mine cart, and she escorts them to the tavern out of gratitude. The townspeople throw a feast to thank the two brothers, and while they enjoy themselves they hear about a philosopher's stone nearing completion by a man name Mugiar. They quickly discover that there's impostors using their names, and because of this Alphonse is unable to buy Elisa the medicine she needs. Eventually the younger of the impostors show up in town and buys the medicine for Alphonse. Edward and Alphonse sneak into a mansion later that night, and the older impostor attacks Ed using crimson water. The younger brother saves Ed, and reveals that the red water was been polluting the town.
12 The other Brothers Elric (Part 2) Mugiar asks the impostors to find an alternate method to create a philosopher stone at a faster rate, but they go against it. Mugiar tries to capture the two after realizing that they are the impostors. Mugiar invites the real Elric brothers to do more research on the crimson water. The boys free the two impostors and confront Mugiar about the impostors' father, the inventor of the crimson water. Mugiar attacks Edward and Alphonse in a fit of desperation, but is soon overpowered. He manages to escape underground, and seals the entrance to the tunnels. This causes a leak in the spring and the red water bursts forth. The younger imposter, fletcher, uses Alchemy to neutralize the threat.
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