Ed and Al overlooking their hometown of Risembool, Amestris.

Risembool is a town in the southeastern part of Amestris. It is part of the East Area, and it is near the border of the South Area. Risembool is the home of the main characters of the series, Edward, Alphonse, and Winry.

Risembool is a fairly small town that is known well for its sheep farming and wool exports. Due to its success in the wool industry, the town began to grow more and more until it was attacked in 1907 by Ishvalans during the the Ishval Civil War. The Ishvalans set off explosions in the train station, and many areas surrounding it, which left a large part of Risembool in ruins. After having the train station and many areas rebuilt, Risembool continued to be a quiet town, as its growth had come to a complete halt due to the attack.

To go along with Risembool's theme of sheep farming, every year in order to celebrate the beginning of Spring, a large and well known Sheep Festival is held.

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