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Please categorise pages you edit and images that you upload. When you do categories make sure they are correct. If you need to, use the Category Page as a guidance. :D


When you upload images, name them as what/who they are. If there are multiple images of the same thing/person add a number to it. For example:
>uploads File:Olivier Mira Armstrong.png
>uploads File:Olivier Mira Armstrong2.png

Pages & Linking:

Like naming images, when naming a page please name it in full of what/who they are. When you create a page double check to see if it is already made!

When you do a character page please put this character chart up:

When linking be sure you are directing to the right place. To double check just search in the Wiki what you are linking to and see what it says in the results. :)


Toodles. :D