Wrath as he appears in the Brotherhood series.
Führer King Bradley
Wrath the Furious
40 (Homunculus) 60 (in total)
Commander-in-Chief of the State Miliary in Amestris
Führer of the country
Brotherhood, Manga
Voice Actor
Ed Blaylock

Wrath is one of the seven Homunculi created by Father in the Brotherhood series. He was born as a normal child, and at age 20 he was specifically chosen by Father to become a Homunculus and the leader of Amestris. This makes him extremely strong, despite his real age of 60. Wrath is not to be confused with Wrath from the original series.

Wrath's Ouroboros sign is under his eye patch on his left eye, exactly like Pride's from the 2003 Anime.

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